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"In today's business world, authenticity is the new currency of leadership. In Sylvia Ann Hewlett's valuable book, she demonstrates how you can crack the code of executive presence by embracing what differentiates you from the pack."

Mark T. Bertolini, Chairman, CEO & President, Aetna





Are you "leadership material?" More importantly, do others perceive you to be? Sylvia Ann Hewlett, a noted expert on workplace power and influence, shows you how to identify and embody the Executive Presence (EP) that you need to succeed.

You can have the experience and qualifications of a leader, but without executive presence, you won't advance. EP is an amalgam of qualities that true leaders exude, a presence that telegraphs you're in charge or deserve to be. Articulating those qualities isn't easy, however.

Based on a nationwide survey of college graduates working across a range of sectors and occupations, Sylvia Hewlett and the Center for Talent Innovation discovered that EP is a dynamic, cohesive mix of appearance, communication, and gravitas. While these elements are not equal, to have true EP, you must know how to use all of them to your advantage.

Filled with eye-opening insights, analysis, and practical advice for both men and women, mixed with illustrative examples from executives learning to use the EP, Executive Presence will help you make the leap from working like an executive to feeling like an executive.

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Book Launch Highlights

The Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), in collaboration with Harper Collins, Fortier Public Relations, FMcM Associates, and Stern & Associates, launched Sylvia Hewlett's latest book entitled Executive Presence: The Missing Link between Merit and Success (EP) on June 3 in the US and July 3 in the UK. The team deployed a six month communication campaign (January – July) to raise awareness among professionals about the importance of cracking the code of executive presence.
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Advance Praise

"Clear and compassionate, Hewlett explains what it means to have executive presence and why it's essential for anyone who wishes to lead in today's uncertain and fast paced work environment. With memorable stories and examples—including the author's own first-hand experiences of getting it wrong as a young woman just starting her career—Executive Presence is both practical and compelling."

Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School; Author of Teaming: How organizations learn, innovate and compete in the knowledge economy (Jossey-Bass, 2012)

"Sylvia Hewlett takes the mystery out of Executive Presence. In this beautifully written, data-packed book she gives you the skills and the tactics to fast track your career, no matter what your age or occupation."

Baroness Mary Goudie

"This is a powerful and urgent book for young professionals climbing the ladder. Credentials alone will not get you the next big opportunity, you also need Executive Presence – the ability to signal confidence and credibility. In this immensely readable study, replete with vivid stories as well as hard data, Sylvia Ann Hewlett tells us how to ace EP."

Sallie Krawcheck, Business Leader, 85 Broads

"Sylvia Ann Hewlett has taken some of the mystery out of the claim that "you just don't have what it takes" in this groundbreaking book on Executive Presence. Combining story after story with well-grounded research, this book provides a simple guide that will help you crack the code to career success."

Katherine W. Phillips, Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Columbia Business School

"Whether you are an aspiring corporate star or a seasoned veteran Sylvia Ann Hewlett's Executive Presence will captivate you—pithily written, laden with stories and grounded in the latest research. You will find a lesson that you can't wait to adopt on every page. It is the modern handbook on the art of visible leadership for which many of us have been waiting." 

Trevor Phillips, Former Chairman, UK Equality and Human Rights Commission

"Sylvia Ann Hewlett is once again leading the way by examining a critical component of business success, Executive Presence. She is a master at making a vague topic clear. She demystifies the meaning of Executive Presence and provides tangible, practical advice that readers can easily use to lift their game."

Anré Williams, President, Global Merchant Services, American Express

"In this significant book, Sylvia Ann Hewlett challenges the conventional wisdom that executive presence is an innate quality that can barely be defined, much less developed. Anyone seeking to close the gap between their merit and their success could benefit from her practical, engaging, and humane advice."

Kenji Yoshino, Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law, NYU School of Law

"A solid guide for those looking to take their career to the next level."

Publishers Weekly

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"Sylvia Ann Hewlett's book is essential reading for anyone striving to minimize the gap between how others perceive you and how you want to be seen. It arms you with the skills to create, curate and manage your personal brand and convince people they are in the presence of someone going places. Executive Presence will transform careers and unleash a current of previously untapped potential on the world."

Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan


"In Executive Presence, Sylvia Ann Hewlett forges into that murky gray zone between how women look and how they perform. With wit and aplomb, Hewlett convincingly shows why presence matters, and how women (and men) can achieve it without compromising their values or their careers. Her advice is well-researched, heartfelt, and always on the mark."

Debora Spar, President of Barnard College and author of Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection


"As you might conclude from its title, Executive Presence explores the mixture of characteristics that make a top executive; a mixture that Hewlett asserts is a combination of gravitas, communication skills, and appearance. Drawing on a two-year study conducted by CTI, she expounds on how to leverage these attributes to further one's career. It's a great read for new or aspiring leaders." Read More

Steve Robinson,
President SAIS